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Nifty Trading Academy share market training institute in Surat offers well-designed courses for novices as well beginners, and seasoned traders. The short term and long term courses cater to the individual requirements of every candidate enrolled in our institute.

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Diploma in Technical Analysis Course

Diploma in Technical Analysis course is a convenient short-term course for the beginners. The course is covered in a short duration of two days during the weekend to deliver training in the basics of share market. If you are totally new to the share market, this is the best course for you to start in the Indian market.

The course acquaints you with all the basics of the share market, technical analysis, charts, trends reading, intraday trading systems, and all the technical tools of intraday trading.

Intra Day Trading Course

Our intraday trading course is specifically designed for traders who are already in the market but yet to meet their desired success. If you think you are not making sufficient profit in trading, this course can prove life-changing.

The course trains candidates in the most profitable strategies for intraday trading. The course is designed to train students in trend analysis for gaining maximum profit. It explains how to trade under pressure, how to select the best stocks, how to buy or sell with low stop loss, many another profitable trading ways, and risk management strategies in intraday trading.

Advanced Technical Course

The Advanced Technical Course by Nifty Trading Academy is an excellent opportunity for the traders who want to excel in the field and polish their skills in intraday trading. The course delves deep by training students to learn the ins and outs of successful strategies of trading.

Pure Profit Course with Software

Under our most advanced Pure Profit Course with software, the candidates get to learn with reliable technical analysis software. The students learn to handle real-time technical analysis to earn maximum gains and success in share market.


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